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Eating Disorders 
Life Transitions
    Interpersonal Issues

With the pressure to look a certain way, it is all too common that people struggle with eating issues, body image concerns and low self-esteem. Despite this, working through these struggles can often feel isolating and overwhelming. Together we will work on the applied skills needed to overcome these anxieties and develop a happier and healthier relationship with yourself. 

Going off to college? Starting your first job?  Getting married?  Ending a relationship? Recently pregnant or a new mom? These are just a few of the major life changes one may experience in their life.  I will help you to navigate these changes and work on developing the necessary coping skills that will allow you to be successful in your new role(s). 
Each of us have many different relationships in our lives - friends, family, significant others, and co-workers to name a few. At times some of these relationships might prove to have a negative impact on our overall wellbeing.  We will work together to explore how to more effectively engage within these relationships and develop strategies to have healthier interactions overall. 
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